About the Behsazan

Behsazan Housing Construction Company has started its cooperation since 1993 with organizations, institutions, various state and private companies in the feild of development projects, and in line with expanding its services and the growing need of industry to industrial flooring systems, Has been determined to take advantage of the expert and effcient teams and the products of reputable companies to provide industrial flooring in accordance with the standards of the day to meet the needs of the country.

The only supplier of 2 centimeters (Hardthin).
Manufacturer of reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete).
Producer of concrete fibers (metal, plastic and polypropylene).
Concrete admixture manufacturer (lubricant, microsilica gel, etc.)
Manufacturer of all kinds of polymer and concrete insulators and tile adhesives.
Representative of Flowcrete Company of England in Iran.

Fields of Activity

Consultancy, design, sales and implementation of industrial flooring and anti-wearing concrete.

Consultation, design, sales and execution of resin based paints (epoxy and polyurethane).

The only designer, seller and implementer of low-strength reinforced concrete in Iran and the Middle East.

Consulting, Design, Sales and Execution of Concrete Concrete (Concrete).

Consultancy, design, sales and implementation of decorative flooring and flooring.

Selling and implementing industrial dyes and concrete additives.

Sale of steel fibers, polymer, plastic and glass.

Sales and execution of light concrete for flooring residential buildings.

Sale and implementation of sports flooring.

Providing machines and equipment for concrete flooring.


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